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Hulu Plus: Products & Services

HuluPlus is a more extensive paid subscription service that expands on's free viewing options.  It allows exclusive viewing options and a more expansive selection of television and movies through The Hulu website.  Hulu Plus allows unlimited video streaming starting at $7.99 per month for a basic package.  HuluPlus allows its viewers to watch new episodes of popular television shows such as Family guy, Glee, The Office, New Girl, and Grey's Anatomy.  A vast array of movie selections are also available such as cult classics like Strictly Ballroom, popular dramas like Good Will Hunting, and a selection of movies in every genre from every era imaginable all at the tip of your fingers using your computer, Apple TV, Microsoft XBox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Roku Streaming Player, and Nintendo Wii device.

Hulu Plus: Company Background

Hulu Plus offers ad-supported on demand streaming video for viewing experiences of TV shows, movies, webisodes, trailers, and clips from NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, and Nickelodeon.  Hulu Plus is available in Canada, Japan and The United States and its territories.  Hulu Plus provides limited high definition selections.  It also provides web syndication services for other websites including AOL, MSN, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo, and Comcast's xfinityTV.  Hulu Plus is a joint venture of NBC Universal Television Group , Fox Broadcasting Company, and Disney-ABC Television Group with funding by Providence Equity Partners, the owner of Newport Television.  Hulu Plus support can be contacted via their contact page here

Hulu Plus: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Hulu Plus is loved consumers, because some people just want to watch specific shows and do not wish to watch the show at its scheduled time.  The ease of Hulu Plus for selecting and watching your favorite shows is a nice feature.  Those who do not have a cable service provider love its low cost and the ability to watch shows that are both on cable and on local television.  You cannot generally watch local television broadcasted shows on demand through a cable service provider.  For less than $10, the service is well worth it and appreciated by its customers.  Super Bob on Squidoo likes Hulu Plus, because he can watch his favorite shows there as opposed to on Netflix, where movies are more the specialty. 

Hulu Plus: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

PC Mag rates Hulu Plus at 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars.  Hulu Plus is not listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Internet TV Sites Top Ten Reviews rates  Hulu Plus at 10 out of a possible 10 points.  They highlight the service's pros and cons and find the service is well worth a paid subscription.  Hulu Plus has also been reviewed in Wired Magazine and with Gadgets Review highlighting the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of  Hulu Plus as opposed to Amazon Prime. 

Hulu Plus: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Hulu Plus' website, has attained an elite top 100 Alexa Traffic Ranking in The United States of 73.  Worldwide, ranks in the top 500 websites at an amazing rating of 325.  An astonishing 35,536 sites are currently linking into  According to Quantcast, Hulu Plus' website has a ranking of 199 in The United States.  These ratings certainly speak to the popularity of the internet video viewing giant!

Hulu Plus: Social Media Presence

Hulu Plus has as Facebook page with an astounding 830,682 likes awarded by its fans and visitors.  Hulu Plus also maintains a Twitter account.  They have tweeted 2,166 times.  They are following 2,687 other Twitter profiles and have 73,847 followers of their own.  Of course, being a site that is pretty much exclusively video, Hulu Plus has a YouTube chanel!  Their channel has 328,404 subscribers and has had a colossal 1,054,661,362 video views!  Guess who just joined PinterestHulu Plus, that's who!  They do not yet have any pins or likes, but they have 33 followers on Pinterest and are following 14 other Pinterest profiles. 

Hulu Plus: Website Security & Safety

McAfee Site Advisor Secure Search has accessed the safety of Hulu Plus and has found it to be safe to visit and use.  In addition, Norton Safe Web has analyzed the safety of Hulu Plus and has found it to be safe to visit and use.  Google Safe Browsing reports that Hulu Plus is not currently listed as a site with suspicious content.  Google tested a total of 1,492 pages on the site over the past 90 days and found none to be problematic.  Google last visited Hulu Plus on September 15, 2012. 

Hulu Plus: Pricing & Packages

Hulu Plus costs just $7.99 per month to join and an initial trial and evaluation period is available for one week (7days).  You can cancel your Hulu Plus subscription if you don't find it satisfactory or to be a service you need or will use.  A subscription to the useful site costs less than a Netflix subscription and its less than order a premium cable channel with most cable providers.  The price is well worth it considering a video rental on demand through most cable providers costs between $2.99 and $6.99.  Even a single Redbox movie rental is about $1.50.  The advantage of Hulu Plus in that respect is that you never even have to leave home to rent movies and shows through the service and you have nothing to return!

Hulu Plus: Shipping Rates & Policies

Hulu Plus requires no need for shipping as it allows you to watch its subscription service via existing equipment you already own such as your computer, television, Apple TV, Microsoft XBox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Roku Streaming Player, or Nintendo Wii device.  Hulu Plus is convenient and easy.  A monthly subscription of $7.99 is all you need to get your viewing started!

Hulu Plus: Payment Methods Accepted
Hulu Plus accepts the payment methods listed below.

Payments are automatically deducted from your account monthly using the original method of payment you designated when joining the site.  You can cancel at any time.

Hulu Plus: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Hulu Plus allows its users to cancel its steaming video services at any time.  You can do this independently by accessing your account through your login and option to cancel the service.  If you had already been billed for the month's service and you don't cancel prior to the month's billing date, you cannot be refunded for your Hulu Plus canceled service, unfortunately.

Hulu Plus: Product images & screenshots
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Get 2 weeks free trial for new signups @ Hulu Plus
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